1 million out of 6 million kids in Kazakhstan lives in permanent poverty.

They do not have access to a proper education or sport activities.

Some don't have nutrient food or decent health care.
5 houses for 65 flats with all facilities
In the biggest megacity of Kazakhstan Almaty, the issue of housing is very acute.

Mostly non-local, families with kids face problems renting a proper flat and mostly lack money to provide kids with basic comforts.

We have built social housing houses for such families with a large number of children or raising disabled children.

Project fields
We have built and conditioned an education and sports for kids centre nearby the living houses.
Bereke Education
We are in the process of conditioning our new education centre. Kids already get classes of English, Eloquence and handicraft
Bereke Sport
Box, aikido and judo classes are actively carried out in our new gym
Bereke Family
Parents receive psychological counselling, social assistance and roadmaps for public services
Everything in the project is created on the crowdfunding basis
Smart Charity
Case management
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